Environmental Credits are a groundbreaking certification that goes beyond traditional measures of environmental impact.

While emissions reduction has been a primary focus in the past, Environmental Credits encompass a comprehensive evaluation of projects, considering environmental, economic, and social aspects. This holistic approach ensures that companies are not solely limited to addressing emissions but also contribute positively to broader sustainability goals.

‌One pressing concern within the realm of environmental-themed companies and those aiming to offset their carbon footprints is the issue of greenwashing. Greenwashing refers to the practice of companies or projects falsely promoting their products as sustainable or environmentally friendly, without actually making substantial contributions to the environment. This misleading marketing approach has led to skepticism among the public and the need for reliable means of distinguishing genuine environmental efforts from superficial ones.

Environmental Credits tackle this problem by providing a robust framework for evaluating and certifying companies' environmental impact. By extending the criteria beyond mere carbon offsetting, these credits incorporate a wide range of environmental considerations aligned with sustainable development goals. This comprehensive approach ensures that companies and projects are assessed based on their overall environmental footprint, encouraging genuine and impactful contributions to the environment.

Owning Tupan AuGreen and its associated Environmental Credits represents an invaluable asset that certifies active participation in projects dedicated to regenerative practices and technological advancements. These initiatives not only support the circular bio-economy but also extend their impact beyond purely "green" initiatives. By leveraging the power of environmental credits, Tupan AuGreen enhances its value, positioning itself as a force for positive change in multiple spheres, all while ensuring transparency and accountability in its environmental endeavors.