What is ForestAu Green?

ForestAu Green LLC is an innovative green investment fund dedicated to driving sustainable investments for a greener future. We tackle pressing environmental challenges through impactful sustainable projects. Our focus on sustainable initiatives, allows individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. Join us in investing for a sustainable future with ForestAu Green LLC.


The World Needs You

Hunger, deforestation, fires, water, and air pollution, unfortunately, paint the picture of the world we live in!

The UN established 17 Sustainable Development Goals related to the preservation and recovery of the environment. 

But with this solution, a problem arises: the cost of implementing these 17 SDGs is US$ 200 Trillion dollars.

Of course, there are people and companies willing to help the cause with donations and philanthropy. But it is impossible to raise this amount of funds with donations alone.

And that's exactly why the ForestAu Green fund was created.


The Pillars of
ForestAu Green

Investing with Purpose, seeking the best for​ the 
Planet – People – Profit ​ promoting Progress and Peace​

And that's exactly why we are the only Green Fund in the world fully aligned with the 17 UN SDGs.


Invest in ForestAu Green

Preserve your assets, boost your profits, and invest in the circular bio-economy, the most promising market in the world.

ForestAu Green with you and your company's investments. Our projects can turn good deeds, like yours, into great assets. The funds you're investing in will generate enormous benefits for the planet and strengthen the socio-environmental cause. All of our impact strategies and investments are built into the ESG – environmental, social, and governance criteria.

But what about the Return on your investment? Want to know how much you can earn? ForestAu Green investment projection chart based on ESG and bio market size.

The research also points out that by 2025 the amount will exceed US$ 50 trillion, one-third of the projected total assets under management globally.

With this, in addition to allocating resources, business investors and consumers show they have increased their awareness.

Environmental Credits

Revolutionize sustainability efforts. Evaluate and certify environmental impact beyond carbon offsetting. Combat greenwashing, ensure transparency. Holistic approach for broader sustainability goals.


Income distribution

Investors receive dividends from the ForestAu Green LLC Investment Fund. 

Reliability: ForestAu Green LLC is registered with the SEC (US Security Exchange Commission).

Opportunity for profit: Get a greater appreciation of your investment in a market with great growth potential.


Sustainable impact investments

Through sophisticated and sustainable environmental financial engineering, ForestAu Green's impact investments are directed toward the Circular Bioeconomy, the issuance of Carbon Credits, the regeneration of forest areas, and the development of sustainable products and socio-environmental projects.
With Social and Environmental Impact investments, we can all contribute to a better world. Your investment can help the environment and society.

The investment fund that can change the world.

Now it's in your hands.

What will you do?

Will you help nature with a one-time donation and run out of capital?

Or do you choose to invest to save and help countless times, valuing and preserving your assets?

If you choose to invest in saving the planet while valuing your capital, count on us!

Preserving nature is securing our future.

Investing in the future is our nature.