Augreen - Forestau Green


With the Tupan Augreen, you enhance your investments and help save the planet.


Tupan Augreen is the token that allows you to invest in sustainable projects in the Amazon and around the world while making profits.


By purchasing Augreen Tokens you're part of the ForestAu Green investment fund, bolstering all socio-environmental projects financed and supported by it.

You increase the potential of valuing your capital while helping to save the planet.

With it, you can benefit from a high-valuation investment and address the most significant demands of the century.

We use the highest technology of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network.

Why should I think about SDG while investing?

The global market for assets linked to the 17 UN objectives (SDGs) could exceed US$ 50 trillion by 2025, according to a new report by Bloomberg Intelligence (BI). The trend of impact investments should continue and thrive.

Through sophisticated and sustainable environmental financial engineering, the impact investments are applied to the circular bio-economy. We thus provide sustainable impact investments for those investing in Tupan Augreen.

Augreen sets new standards since its inception.

It’s more than a Token.
It’s an impact investment.

The projects supported by Augreen:

CO² Certificate

New Moses

Amazon River

Tupan Drone

Tupan Water

Tupan Energy

These projects have the main objective of achieving the Circular Bio-economy, promoting the regeneration of the planet through the 17 SDGs of the UN, such as the production of high-quality food, access to treated water, generation of clean and affordable economy, reduction of CO² emission in the atmosphere, Strengthening the microeconomics of needy regions, and several actions that can contribute to the construction of a fairer and more sustainable world.

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“On the day a standing tree is worth more than its wood, we’ll have solved all environmental issues”